Top 5 Places To Live In Mexico

I don’t know about you, but some nice, beachy resort type of locations are the top places to have a second home in Mexico. There are almost too many desired locations in Mexico, but these would have to be the most breath taking and desireable places to live, regardless of how long you plan on staying.

1. Cancun:
This is one of Mexico’s top two resort towns that has transformed Mexico from a small fishing village to highly visited and relocation place for many people. Even if there might be a lot more tourists than you’d prefer, it’s because it’s a perfect location to the beach and various shops located there. On the contrary of assuming the high costs associated with living in such a beautiful place, the rent is very affordable.

Many little towns make up Cancun so that you may be located a bit further from the center of the city, but the price is right. Even the costs of eating out don’t differ much from the U.S. it might even be a little cheaper, and even more cost effective if you decide to eat at home.

2. Playa del Carmen:
This Caribbean beach town is almost too good to be true and is ranked the second largest resort destination. Not only is it the fastest growing city in Mexico but is more down to earth and authentically Mexican in regards to other commercial and high-rise locations. This is a top place to live if you adore the beach and relaxed vibe that it entails.

The community is diverse with a lot of Europeans and various nationalities exposing you to Spanish as well as other cultures and languages.

3. Tulum:
Although a little more on the pricey side, Tulum is one of the safest and holds one of the lowest crime rates in other locations. This area appeals more to the luxury seeker and is seen as a tropical tourist destination so expect similar price ranges as America. Investing in real estate is very common in this area and is where you can set yourself for future financial investments.

4. Puerto Peñasco:
Fishing and tourism are what makes up this up and coming city, labeling it as a fishing village but transforming to a great night life on the weekends. The sun shines year round here and receives less than three inches of rain each year, which is a plus for people that prefer always to keep a nice tan and hop in the water any day of the year.

Rocky Point is also a desert located near this location giving you the option to motocross or ride ATV’s on the sand dunes.

One of the more diverse areas, holding a lot of different nationalities and history located in the Centro Historico. There is a lot of cultures and is one of the most affordable vacation destinations, as many people make this a traditional holiday spot when staying at the ocean front hotels and condominiums.

Check out the video below for more on the best places to live in Mexico!