Why Every Relationship Should Be No Strings Attached

When most people think of a no strings attached (NSA) relationship, they think of people sleeping around with strangers from the bar and then never seeing each other again. While this can be, and is, the cast many times, it is not always.

Sometimes, a NSA relationship can still mean that two people stay exclusive with one another in bed, but it doesn’t mean that there’s the communication or commitment that comes with a regular relationship. Read on to better understand what I mean and why every relationship should be a NSA relationship.

Choose Each Other Every Time

The thing about NSA is that there is zero commitment. You don’t have to wake up every morning and think, “Welp, I better text my girlfriend/boyfriend so they don’t get mad at me,” or anything of the liking. With NSA, if you don’t feel like texting them or hanging out with them, then you simply don’t. There aren’t any hurt feelings or mixed signals, because there weren’t any to begin with.

But the greatest part about all of that is that when you actually do text them good morning or hang out with them, it was your choice, as well as theirs. You both made the conscious decision to be with one another and spend time together. There wasn’t an obligation brought on by being in a relationship, you two chose right then and there, that day, to spend it together.

You both woke up and chose each other to spend your time with. And in an NSA relationship, you’ll consciously be choosing each other every time you hang out.

Keep Independence

NSA is also great because you both keep your independence. You won’t have to text him/her to make sure it’s okay that you go out with your friend’s tomorrow night or let them know where you are all the time; simply because it won’t be any of their business, unless you choose to make it so.

Maintain Personal Goals

Something that happens far too often when individuals get into legitimate relationships is that they lose their personal drive and ambitions. I’ve had friends who planned to travel the world and do amazing things with their young lives, to only throw those goals away because they didn’t want to leave their new girlfriends.

I mean, I understand how powerful and life-changing love can be, but trust me, these guys were not in love. In a NSA relationship, all of your focus and efforts remain on you and your own goals. You still find yourself striving to be a better you because, essentially, that is all who you are looking out for.
It’s Exciting

NSA relationships are fun! They’re exciting and daring and always keep you on your toes—they truly are a great time as long as feelings don’t become involved (but that’s another story for another time.) There’s a certain excitement that comes with not knowing whether you’ll see them at the bar or not, or receiving a late-night text from them after not talking for a few days.

There is a lot of uncertainty involved and it can be too much for some people, but if you remain open-minded, laid-back and feelings-free, then you’ll have yourself a hell of a time.


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