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Best Date Ideas In Mexico For Your Sugar Baby

From boutique beach hotels and full-service resorts to charming city hotels and country inns, Mexico offers couples plenty of opportunities to plan a relaxing vacation.

Visit a room just a few steps from the beach, take a spa class, relax by the pool, treat yourself to a spa treatment or take a unique tour where you can relax and unwind in beautiful surroundings. If you are a nature lover and your partner is, you will not find a more remote or romantic place than in the nature of Mexico. 

Rooftop bars

One of the best options for a first date is to visit a rooftop bar in Mexico. There are many unique places where you can enjoy a nice cocktail and the beauty of the city. You can also go outside and watch the sunset or listen to good music. 

Casa Las Tortugas

Casa Las Tortugas has 21 romantically decorated rooms and suites with hand-crafted furniture and antiques from the colonial era. Each has a natural stone shower, a hand-painted bowl and sink, and ecological mosquito control toiletries. This small resort is intimate and features eight well-appointed romantic suites just steps away from the Mexican Caribbean. Amenities include a Mexican-inspired continental breakfast and beachfront restaurants.

Quivira market

Mexico is home to some of the world’s best food capitals, and this is no exception. The Quivira market is probably the most famous date spot in Cabo, and its gastronomic experience is unrivalled in Los Cabos or anywhere else in the city. This market in the heart of the city has many merchants to choose from and it will remind you to walk through the streets of Italy. 

Mexico City

As one of the largest capitals in the world and a fascinating metropolis, Mexico City with its numerous romantic activities is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway for two. Here is our guide to the best places to hang out, dine, drink and visit when you come to Mexico City. 

There are plenty of ways to spend a romantic date night in Mexico City, whether you want to sweep your loved one off her feet or want to spend a bit more time together. There is something to say for romance against a breathtaking backdrop and fancy cocktails to enjoy while whispering sweet things in the ear of your loved ones. For helping you experience love in the air, here are 8 of our favorite romantic things in Mexico to do. 

When looking for a romantic honeymoon destination, Mexico City may not immediately come to mind. But the truth is that this is one of the largest cities in the world, where magic, chaos and romance are alive on the streets. 

Les Moustaches

The ambience at Les Moustaches is timeless, especially if you are celebrating a special occasion. The food is a fascinating blend of traditional Mexican and romantic French that will delight your palate and impress your date. The restaurant, based in Mexico City, was awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence in 2013, proving that it is popular around the world. 

Palacio de Bellas Arte

For an unforgettable evening in Mexico City, watch a performance of Mexican folklore and ballet at the Palacio de Bellas Arte. You and your loved ones can enjoy an evening of live music while their talented dancers perform a series of traditional dance routines that embody Mexican spirit. 

This shows how spectacular the building itself is, which is considered to be the most photographed monument in Mexico City. Inside the building there are two museums with various exhibits throughout the year, as well as Diego Rivera’s incredible murals. 

Rockhound State Park

Lovers can spend the day at Rockhound State Park in Deming hunting for agates and crystal Geodes to take home to sparkle as souvenirs. When a visiting couple went there to celebrate its 10th anniversary, he said he put a sample geode in his vehicle and they had a note saying “Happy Anniversary.”. 


We love to use it as an excuse to celebrate our neighboring country, honor the food and drink of Mexican culture and support local businesses. Cancun is one of the world’s most romantic cities with swaying palm trees, warm Caribbean breezes, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

Los Cabos

At the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja peninsula, romantic couples can be found in Los Cabos, also known as Cabo. Going to Cabos as a couple is one of the most romantic holidays you can have, if you go there at all. If you’re a sugar daddy looking to take your sugar baby, who you met on a site like Secret Benefits, on an unforgettable date, then this is your best bet.


I’ll get a bit angry with you if one of your date nights isn’t spent stargazing. It’s a perfect date idea in itself, and although many Cabo hotels have star-gazing, very few couples do. If you sit in a lounge chair late at night and gaze at the starry sky, you are more likely to enjoy complete privacy. 

Drive-through movies

Some drive-through destinations offer regular film cycles, so if you’re waiting for the soppy ROM-Com that you’ve wanted to see for ages and that’s about to come, you’ll have the chance to turn it on and see what’s on offer that night. 

In conclusion

When it’s time to pick a location for your first date in Mexico, it’s worth checking out this list of quirky places from Tenderbang, a dating site curated just for you. Remember that choosing a location is an essential decision, so pay special attention to it.

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