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Legal Considerations

We strongly encourage anyone purchasing property in Mexico to locate professional legal advice before completing a transaction.

Typically, the cost of hiring legal counsel is small in comparison to the total dollars invested in most real estate transactions.

Legal advice has value both in the purchase process itself and also upon the sale of such property in the future.

Knowing that your transaction has been completed properly — and all paperwork is in order — will ensure you can fully enjoy any property you choose to purchase in Mexico.

It should be noted that all real estate transactions in Mexico requires the involvement of the notario publico.

The notario publico has significantly more experience and responsibility than a notary public in the United States and thus the two should not be confused.

A Mexican notary is an attorney duly authorized by each State to attest and certify that the transactions performed in his or her presence comply with all the statutory requirements and, if applicable, to withhold the appropriate transfer taxes.