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Mexico is Still a Safe Place to Live and Invest

That’s the message that numerous companies involved in Mexican real estate are trying to spread throughout Canada and the United States.

Although the plethora of recent news reports about drug-related crime paints a picture of a country ridden with violence and danger, the truth is that drug-related crime and violence are limited to a few areas of the country.

In particular, it is the northern region of Mexico near the US border that is experiencing the majority of the current trouble and turbulence.

As for the rest of the country, it is still a wonderful place to live and spend quality vacation time.

Retirees can enjoy an exceptional lifestyle in Mexico with the relatively low cost of living, the fabulous climate, and the practically endless list of possibilities when it comes to recreational and social activities.

The setting is also incredible, with everything from beautiful ocean views to rugged mountain scenery.

And these are the characteristics that more than 30 real estate companies are stressing in an attempt to undo some of the damage that recent news coverage has caused.

According to Christopher Hill, CEO of Stewart Title Latin America, there are currently thousands of Canadians and Americans living in Mexico and thoroughly enjoying their lifestyle.

Those people know that Mexico is an excellent place to live and vacation, and Hill believes that such a fact will ultimately prevail over the negative media coverage.

In order to help that occur, the Mexico Real Estate Coalition has launched an education campaign as well as a website ( in order to inform people of everything Mexico has to offer and to encourage investment in Mexico real estate by Canadians and Americans.

The fact that thousands of Americans and Canadians still happily reside in Mexico is a testament to the fact that the majority of destinations favored by Americans and Canadians are still very safe.

Whether in Puerto Vallarta or La Paz, most people who come to visit Mexico do not want to leave once they become aware of the beautiful setting and exceptional lifestyle that the country has to offer.

And that is why the Mexico Real Estate Coalition believes that, in the end, the country will speak for itself and once again draw an influx of investors from the north.

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